rapidsk's Review of Summer

2019-12-05 12:22

General Description

A rare all natural DD breast lover's find, a taller girl, attractive with a all natural body., a very fun ride with a seasoned pro for those interested in this type of body and experience.

The Juicy Details

For starters, she is all natural DD's a breast lovers find, for those into this, we all know how rare this is! She is about 5'9" somewhere around late 30's all natural body, lighter skin, her face did seem to have some work done though. She does resemble the pictures but face is retouched as usual. For spinner fans, look elsewhere is for the guys that like big naturals and a bit of meat on the bones. (Body similar to Connie) once inside, the usual shower followed by some cat bath, then a fun ride while enjoying those big naturals, (Russian is available as well). She speaks English quite decently and was easy to communicate with. As always, my experience was very YMMV, the first 30 minutes went great, good pace and effort and very enjoyable, second 30 minutes, after a bit of cuddling she was falling in and out of sleep and could not get anything else going, as she said was too tired and needed a couple minutes to recover etc.. So no massage, no round 2, etc.. and this dragged on until time was up. In terms of overall service I had 2 very opposite experiences all within the same hour, so maybe on a Different day, it would have been fantastic all the way through. I would certainly need to try a couple more times with a follow up review to see if it was a different experience.

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