gfelover01's Review of Summer

2019-12-08 03:19

General Description
Feels like summer time never ends with summer. It was a really hot day and I went to cool off by seeing this gorgeous lady. I like taller woman with big natural breasts and summer fit the bill. Her booty was nice and big too.

The Juicy Details

Summer is located in a familiar location so I was able to find parking easily. Once I got the go, I made my way to summer. She let me in and gave me a kiss and had a big smile on her pretty face. We walked to the room as we chatted about how hot it was here. Quickly undressed for a shower. She got me nice and clean. Bt with preview. Dried off and went back to the room. Laid face down for a cat bath and rim job that got me nice and excited. Flipped over and she gave me a bj where she dt nicely. Main event the n started with cg. Loved watching the big tits bounce up and down. Did some reverse cg and the doggy. She seemed to like doggy the best. Pounded away until I finished.

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